Front-end Engineer

In our biggest venture yet, we are teaming up with Activision Blizzard Esports. Join our team and work with the gaming industry giants.

TL;DR: If your passions lie in front-end and you love making sure webs are efficient and optimized, we have a place for you on our team!

We’re looking for someone with a great understanding of React and the front-end ecosystem in general. Put your enthusiasm to great use and work on huge projects for the Call of Duty and Overwatch leagues.

Ars Futura is a remote-friendly software design and development agency based in Zagreb.

Recently, we joined forces with Activision Blizzard Esports as their primary design and development partner, to help them create amazing digital solutions. Their goal is to be the most innovative, scalable, and valuable developer of global competitive entertainment. Our goal is to help them achieve that and much more.

Help us build some of our best projects so far!

📚 Things you have to know

Before we get into the details, there are a few things we expect you to have:

  • experience working with React
  • good knowledge and understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • familiarity with Git, continuous integration, and deployment
  • experience working with modern infrastructure and tools
  • know-how when it comes to writing tests
  • excellent knowledge of English.

🐞 Writing & shipping quality code

As our Front-end Engineer, we expect you to have the know-how when it comes to creating user-facing features with React.js. We put a lot of value into writing and shipping clean and maintainable code. Anything you create should be able to scale and adapt.

We would consider it a plus if you knew how to properly use tools to debug your code.

🔎 Code review

You will be responsible for monitoring the quality of your own code but we also expect you to give feedback to others. You’ll be testing and continuously optimizing your front-end code while going through what your team members developed and leaving comments on what you think they can improve. We love it when our team members can lend a hand to each other and learn together.

🙌 Teamwork

As a Front-end Engineer, you’ll have to work alongside our back-end developers and designers as well as keep in touch with our clients at Activision Blizzard Esports. This is why we’re hoping to find someone with good communication and interpersonal skills. A project is always better if you find a way to work well with others!

The perks of working with us

Just some of the things we offer, to try and sweep you off your feet!


Anniversary Bonus

For every year you spend with us, you get a bonus.

Yearly Bonus

For the great work you do over the year.

Referral Bonus

For the awesome people you persuade to work with us.

The Unicorn 🦄

Given arbitrarily, but not rarely, when we see you working extra hard.

Education is key

Conference and Education Budget

Allowance money for learning experiences both in Croatia and outside of it.

Team Education

Organized and held by your team members when they have something new and exciting to show you.

Job Switch

If you decide to flip the switch one day, you can change teams or technologies you work in.


No person left behind, we teach our junior colleagues all they need to know to improve and grow.

A sound mind in a sound body

Gym Membership

Fully financed card that opens the doors of 450 gyms and recreational spaces.

Paid Yearly Check-ups

To give you some peace of mind concerning your health, we make sure you get a full examination.

Team Sports Activities

Running, soccer, swimming, and any other sport you can think of, you can do with some of our sporty team members.

Two-way Performance Reviews

You tell us what you think and feel, we help you improve.

Spending time together

Team-based and office-based teambuilding

Spend some quality time getting to know your team and coworkers.

Office parties

Christmas and our birthday celebration is when we get together and get down 🕺.

Helping you find balance


Work from home whenever you need, we’re cool with it.

Vacations days

Starting with 22 days and increasing every year you spend with us, we give you enough time to be well-rested.

Special days off

For big life events, like moving, getting married, or any other happening.

Flexible work hours

Come and go as you please, you only have to do your work in time.

Apply for this position 👇

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Tooting our own horn

What our lovely colleagues have to say about us. *toot toot*

“In the five years that I’ve been here, there hasn’t been a day that I disliked my job. I have the privilege of working with amazing people who teach me new things every day and make my job ever so pleasant and fun.”

Ana Škulj UI/UX Designer

“The projects I work on are challenging and refreshing. I can always contribute to them with my ideas and make the product better. And all that in a great atmosphere.”

Katarina Pelicarić iOS Engineer

“Our clients are cool, there’s a relaxed work atmosphere, and the people are lovely. If you need help, you can always count on your co-workers, both privately and in the workplace.”

Denis Fodor Android Team Lead

Trophy Case

Best Employer of 2020

The chemistry between us and our employees is real. We even have some weighty evidence of the love – the Best Employer of 2020 award our co-workers voted on. Can you feel it in the air? ❤️️