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World Series of Warzone

World Series of Warzone

A web where millions of fans stream all the major official Warzone Esports events.

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Dev Ops
Staff augmentation
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Creating interfaces that are both eye-catching and user-friendly. Everything is tailor-made, including our UX and UI design.

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Web Development

For us, web app development rests on three things – diverse technologies, lots of relevant experience, and continuous improvement.

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Mobile Development

We can develop apps like no other! If you don’t believe us, ask the millions of people who enjoy them.

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Working to automate and optimize processes, to help us develop faster and more reliable apps with a cost-effective infrastructure.

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Quality Assurance

Finding the best software testing practices as well as investing in unit testing, integration testing, and automated testing.

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Staff Augmentation

Big or small, startup or corporation, creating from the ground up or for a legacy project – we’ve done it all, we love it all.


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