About us

Less of a company,
more of a companion

Ars Futura’s mission is to turn ideas into products. Started in 2013, we have been thriving in Zagreb, Croatia ever since.


We’ve got our priorities straight (unlike our shirts)

Our goal is to build exceptional custom solutions by partnering up with great people, ideas, and companies.

How? By carefully listening to suggestions, crafting designs that are useful and intuitive, evolving with the development process, and leading our clients through challenges. Working hand in hand, we immerse our clients fully into our process and make them a part of the team.

COO showing off the product

In it for the long run

For us, the project doesn’t end with the launch. Once we take something on, we stick with it – doing maintenance, implementing iterations where needed, and updating features over time. As a full-service agency, we stand by our clients throughout the whole lifecycle. It’s the reason our work is a success and our relationships are long-lasting.

Brainstorming session in a meeting room

Keep an open mind

We are a close-knit team and make a point of staying in touch with both each other and our clients. This helps us exchange continuous feedback. Tell us what you want, how to make it better, how to improve. We’ll do our best to make it so. Sometimes we might play around or walk off the beaten path but it is only to make the project the best it can be.

Proposing a solution with the team leads

What we value most

These are a few core tenets we abide by when growing our business, working on projects, and building culture.

Give a damn.

Give a damn about our employees. They are real people who we have let into our little Ars Futura world. They have emotions, problems, parents, kids, hobbies. If they need a hand, it is our duty to help them out.

Give a damn about the work. We’re building something with our own two hands. This is our legacy. Put the work in so that we can be proud of it.

Say no to hustling.

We love it when our teams are passionate about work. No one is happier to see them work diligently. But! We don’t want them to work themselves to exhaustion. Aim for bigger and better things, to find (and keep) the balance in your life.

Take some time off, ask for an extension on your deadline, enjoy your long break this Thursday. Your work will be there tomorrow.

The nooks and crannies.

Big picture work is important, it’s what we built this business on. But, we like the tiny details, ones that show we put a lot of care into something.

It’s the little things that few people will notice – the code we rewrote even though we didn’t need to, the designs we scrapped along the way, the quality wood you use for the back of the cabinet that nobody sees.

Spark some joy.

The Internet is a huge, wonderful place filled with all sorts of things. And some of those things simply spark joy. We want to be the ones responsible for putting a bit of that joy into the world.

If it also turns out we had fun along the way, so be it! In 20 years’ time, when people think back on their time spent with Ars Futura, we’d like them to feel like they had some good times.