Call of Duty League Pick'em — where CDL fans come to play.


The Brief

Get to Know CDL Pick'Em

Call of Duty Pick’em is an online prediction game by Activision, one of the biggest third-party video game publishers in the world.

We go way back with Activision. More precisely, we have been working together on different projects for 5 years. From GameBattles and MLG, to the Call of Duty and Overwatch Leagues, we helped them develop, design, rebrand, create, and build many of their ideas and ventures.

This time around, we designed their new project – Call of Duty League Pick’em.


UX, UI & a Style Guide

Creating an intuitive design

With a complete style guide and an intuitive UX/UI design, we help users navigate the complex structure of stages, matches, leaderboards, and point systems.

For every match played in the Call of Duty League, fans can predict both the winner and the final score. They use their knowledge of CDL esports teams and judge which team will do better in the league, all the while winning points and prizes for correct predictions.

Two points are given for predicting the winner of the match and one for predicting the correct final score. The points they collect are tracked all through the season.

Some matches are sponsored and bring double points. Players can recognize them by the logos and colors corresponding to the brand they’re sponsored by.

All of the points are visible on leaderboards. Leaderboards can be private, put together by a brand that chooses players for their board, or organized by different esports teams.

Brand or esports leaderboards are also branded and include special logos and colors.

I enjoy working with Ars Futura. Their team is great at talking to us regarding the project and our requirements. They want to have a deep level of understanding.

Ron Cherry

Senior Product Manager @ Activision Blizzard

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