We like to solve challenges.

Through our entire process, we maintain a workflow that goes from researching your brand and problem to delivering an efficient, usable, well thought out and complete experience.

Product Design

We are a design-driven company and our process relies on design-led initiatives, starting with research and wireframes and ending with the design implemented in the apps.

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Interface Design

We pay special attention to user experience and solving problems through design. But we also design stunning and easy-to-use interfaces. Great typography, illustrations and seamless transitions are the little things that matter to us.

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User Experience

In order to better understand the idea and problems behind your product, our iterative approach goes through several key stages from user research to wireframing and validating our ideas with existing users and stakeholders.

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Product Development

We work for the product, not for the client. With years of experience developing products in different industries, we have acquired extensive knowledge of product development that we use to help improve your product. Our product.

Mobile Development

Our iOS and Android apps have been used by millions of users around the world.

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We build our iOS apps using the latest technologies from Apple. Years of experience with Objective-C, Swift and Xcode, alongside many SDKs provided by the platform means we are able to build rich, complex native apps with ease.

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There are more than 2 million monthly active devices running Android in the world. Our engineers develop apps using RxJava and Kotlin to produce stable and scalable codebases that are fluid, modern and work on any Android device out there.

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React Native

React Native is the solution to code sharing between iOS and Android apps using a single codebase. React Native outputs native code that has the feel and performance of native mobile apps. We've had great success adopting React Native for some of the products we've worked on.

Web Development

We build rich and complex web applications that can best be described as secure and stable.

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Ruby on Rails

Using Ruby on Rails, we can get your products to market fast without sacrificing quality. Our Ruby on Rails apps have been used by millions of users and have been battle-tested in production with significant load times. Secure and stable products is our core business.

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We are not married to any technology. Rails is not always a good choice, and we are aware of it. Your project might need to scale fast vertically or it involves extensive data collection and processing. Enter: Scala. Its reliability and scalability will make sure your product does not lose a single packet of data.

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Our products often have very complex interfaces and a lot of parts that need to work and communicate together. React has been our No. 1 choice for building the best client-side interfaces. Reuseable and stateful components with data that updates automatically across the board wins over every other tool any day.