Our Work

We help companies build and grow their ideas into a full-fledged product.

Our design and development skills have helped build products for companies of all sizes — startups, established companies and agencies alike.


We created a mobile and web application connecting activity seekers and recreational venues. It’s a seamless booking system helping both sides with booking, inquiries, and payments.

Case study miturf


Working with Common sensing, we used Bluetooth and an SDK to help collect information from a smart health device called Gocap and display it on a mobile device. We also developed the iOS and Android mobile app.

Case study gocap


The #1 online broadcast network for professional level competitive gaming. Our design process increased discoverability and improved the navigation of the MLG.tv mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Case study mlg


Working with Major League Gaming, a subsidiary of Activision Blizzard, gave us the opportunity to work on the largest cross platform online gaming tournament system — GameBattles.

Our work involved completely rethinking and rebranding a product that has a 16 year history, and building out the GameBattles Android app.

Case study gamebattles


A redefined way to find your next apartment in New York that goes beyond traditional filters. No fees. Lease directly from the landlord and meet your future neighbors.

Case study cribrater


An app for musicians that contains all of your music library along with lyrics and chords for piano and guitar. With tagging and playlist capabilities it’s easy to organise your music library.

Case study songbook


A search engine specialized for finding and comparing prices for more than half a million products. With our help they took their first foray into the mobile world by releasing iOS and Android apps.

Case study nabava