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Creating Custom Markers for Google Maps – for Android Development

Creating Custom Markers for Google Maps – for Android Development

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The New Look of Ars Futura

Our Future Starts Today :)

Published on September 14, 2023


Roza Zanini MozaraRoza Zanini Mozara

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Hello from the same, but different Ars Futura! 👋 As you can see, we have some exciting news to share – our brand has had a huge redesign!

Why Redesign?

After a decade of making our mark, it was time for a refresh. Our old logo served us well, but we wanted to fill in the gaps and tidy up a few things. For instance, we never had a logomark or really defined design principles (until now!), and let’s be honest – our old merch has been looking outdated for quite some time now. 

At the end of 2020, we said “Hey, it’s about time we got ourselves a new look” and since then, it’s been quite a journey! 

The Starting Point

To kick it off, we sought out some help and landed on Studio Size as the perfect choice. So, to set the stage for the redesign, we answered a lot of questions, shared some dos and don'ts, and came up with a few ideas, until the vision started taking shape. After a few rounds of suggestions and feedback, we found the sweet spot that felt just right, and that you can see today! 

Future Starts Today

One of the key inspirations that helped shape our new design was the concept of retrofuturism. Think blending the fun from the 70s and 80s with the idea of flying cars, and you’re on the right track! The theme resonates with our visual identity and our new tagline: Future Starts Today (we hope you’re ready to see it everywhere from now on because you just might 🤭).

Same Values, New Look

It’s important to add that through all these changes, one thing remains the same – our core values. Yes, we’ve given them a bit of a re-vamp of their own, but we’re still committed to doing good work with good people. 🤗

Bringing it All Together

Once we’ve nailed down all the important things: our new logo, logomark, tagline, colors (fun fact: we chose purple because it was the first Ars Futura color, going back to the roots and stuff, you get it)... the real fun began! We were set to design and develop our new website, think of new merch ideas and bring them to life, give our office a bit of a makeover, etc. Now, after months and months of hard work and creative brainstorming, we’re proud and happy to reveal our new brand design to the world. 

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do.
Its future starts today.  💜 🩷 🧡

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