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Ars Futura Listed in Financial Times Among Europe’s 1000 Fastest-Growing Companies

Ars Futura Listed in Financial Times Among Europe’s 1000 Fastest-Growing Companies

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We’ve Joined the Amazon Partner Network

Howdy partner, Ars Futura is a member of the Amazon Web Services network 👏

Published on March 15, 2023


Lea MetličićLea Metličić

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Recently, Ars Futura joined the global Amazon Partner Network. And you might be wondering: What does that mean? Well, we’re now one of just 10 companies from Croatia to join Amazon’s network of worldwide partners. Together with AWS, we help clients create innovative cloud solutions. So you see, it’s no small feat! Because Amazon is a world-renowned company, the process was quite exhausting and very rigorous. And before we dive into the deets, we just wanted to let you know that you can take a look at our profile on the Amazon Partner page. 👀

What is the Amazon Partner Network?

The Amazon Web Services Partner Network is a collection of companies, all over the world, that have been verified by Amazon as their official associates and valued users of Amazon Web Services (or AWS for short). Amazon only includes companies that they believe do really high-quality work and would want to work with more frequently, so this is a great nod to us!

What does this partnership tell you about us?

Being one of Amazon’s partners shows that our team is proficient, capable, and qualified enough to get certified. At least one of our teammates had to go through rigorous testing to acquire a certification. The exam they had to pass is three hours long, and the preparations can take months because of how technically challenging it can be. To pass, they had to answer with a 75% accuracy rate, and Amazon even suggests not to take the test if you don’t have at least 2 years of work experience.

Amazon provides little-to-none materials to prep for the test, so all the preparation for the exam has to be independent.

Along with certified team members, Amazon requires that we have at least three projects on which we use AWS and a plan to onboard more clients in the following year.

The certificate gives us full support from Amazon and ensures current and potential clients of our quality of work.

What’s to come?

With one professional certificate and nine all together, we’re working on the next one as we speak (or should we say type). Our team has five Foundational certificates, three Associate, and one Professional, and covers all the areas of the AWS Partner Network.

We can’t wait to see what this partnership brings us and all the ways it will help us improve our work!

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