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Creating Custom Markers for Google Maps – for Android Development

Creating Custom Markers for Google Maps – for Android Development

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We’re one of the Best Employers in Croatia - Again!

Alexa, play We Are the Champions by Queen. 🥇

Published on December 9, 2022


Roza Zanini MozaraRoza Zanini Mozara

Filed under culture

Going once, going twice, and for the third time in a row - we won the MojPosao Best Employer award, yes - again!

We’re very proud of all the awards we’ve won over the years, but winning the Best Employer award always hits different. Why, you might ask? Because it’s voted on by our team.

MojPosao, the biggest employment platform in Croatia, manages the survey, and it’s completely anonymous. Since there’s more than 50 of us, this year we competed in the mid-size companies category, unlike the last two years when we were still a smaller bunch. This year our rating is higher than ever, not a single person quit their job, and we recognized and improved some of last year’s pain points.

Winning this award as one of the best Croatian employers feels like proof of our dedication and efforts to create a pleasant atmosphere, build a relaxed culture, and make it easy for our team to love coming to work every day.

What makes us 💯

Last year, we were a group of 30-something, and today we count 55 amazing people in our team! Even though we almost doubled in size, our culture continued to thrive. We grew and blossomed, and our ratings remained high. Not to blow our own trumpet, but if we’re talking numbers, we’d highlight just a few of our 100-percenters:

  • everyone, and we do mean everyone: 100% of our team would recommend working at Ars Futura to their friends and family (eNPS),

  • 100% of us feel like we all care about collegiality,

  • and just to share one more, 100% of people say they believe their job engages their skills and knowledge.

Empathy, transparency, and flexibility are just some of the qualities we cherish the most. We try to include them in every decision we make and use them in our guidelines in creating Ars Futura. In the end, seeing our team happy doing what they do best is the biggest award of all.

And now, it’s time to celebrate! Until next year, cheers! 🥂

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