Ars Futura joins Pangea, a platform for the best development companies in the world

After a detailed verification process, we are now part of the global top 7% of engineering partners.

Traveling to the center of Pangea

We have been toying with the idea of joining, a community of software development companies, for some time now.

Pangea houses some of the world’s best development companies, and we wanted to be a part of it. Moreso because they have an extensive enlisting process and do detailed check-ups on every company that joins their platform. To us, this showed their dedication and the quality of the businesses they choose.

To be a part of Pangea, we had to go through five stages: kick-off, organizational mapping, documentation requests, team health, client insight. In these phases, we were asked to provide insight into how we do business, our processes, how we cooperate with clients, our culture, how happy our team is, the tech we use, and much more!

As you can gather from the title, we made it. 🎊 You can take a look at our profile to see a TL;DR of the info we have given.

It feels good to be featured, but this was a unique opportunity for us to comb through the processes we have and the way we document them. It made us deep-dive into the structure we have built, look at some stats we didn’t usually look at, and even structure data into ways we haven’t before.

Image showing a few people sitting around a conference table.

What the numbers told us

Speaking of collecting data, we wanted to share some of the things we discovered while doing our vending process. Spoiler alert, we had great results and liked to boast a little.

Pangea asked us to check in with our team and put our finger on the pulse regarding their satisfaction. Our average Team health score was an impressive (if we can say so ourselves) 9,25. We got even better feedback from our clients, with their average evaluation of our work being on average 9,5.

We loved the praise, but the check-in with employees and clients showed us some areas for improvement, and we love the process all the more for it. For example, our employees wanted more feedback and recognition.

As a response, we implemented a quarterly satisfaction survey and a yearly growth and progress meet with every employee.

As far as our clients go, there seems to be some room for improvement with our documentation. In the future, we plan to implement processes to make sure there are no complaints. No matter how small the space is, we plan to take it and ensure our client relationships are a 10/10.

Ars Futura was founded with a singular purpose — to do great work with great people. It means building long-term partnerships with clients where they rely on us to provide quality work so they can grow their business. With Pangea, we see an opportunity to do just that and much more.

— Ivan Božić, CEO
Image showing a few happy people looking at the same screen.


Finally, we are very excited to be a part of Pangea and join some of the best development companies in the world. If there was ever any doubt about the dedication with which Pangea looks into its candidates and the depths they go into to make sure software development companies meet their standards, our process dismissed it.

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