React Amsterdam 2019

We visited Amsterdam this year to attend the largest worldwide React conference. Here's a little recap of things from our point of view.

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Staged annually in the capital of the 🇳🇱Netherlands, React Amsterdam is the biggest React conference worldwide. It takes place once a year and gathers more than a thousand attendees interested in front-end, mobile and full-stack topics. This year’s event location was the Kromhouthal venue hall which lies in the northern part of the city by the river bank and was easily accessible with the ferries from Central Station.

We've been working with React a lot and it has lately been the main tool in our front-end stack. Last April we had the privilege to attend React Amsterdam for the first time. Even though the conference lasted for three days, the interest in workshops was quite high, selling out in the first two days. However, we managed to hop in for the last, main day of the event.

Being the central part of the conference, the last day was full of interesting talks divided into two parallel tracks, React and General Programming track and the React Native track.

👩‍🏫 Interesting Talks

There were a lot of great talks. Here's a few that we found most interesting:

  • Kent C. Dodds’ Requisite React — a great opening talk which encouraged us to ponder about the basics of this JavaScript library. Backed by various examples, Kent’s presentation explained how understanding React under the hood brings benefits to our problem-solving approach.
  • Ben Ellerby’s Sharing Code Between React and React-Native — an insightful talk from Ben about code reusability across different render environments. In his presentation, Ben showed us which parts of the application are more suitable to share and through his company’s project gave an overview of their approach to this topic.
  • Andrey Okonetchnikov’s Common Design Language — a talk about the need for having a common language between designers and developers that sets constraints to alleviate the problem of communication among these two camps.

Besides the talks we came for, the event hall was a pretty neat place with a lot of volunteers ready to help you out. However, the overall event organization still had some room for improvement. The catering could have been better since the meals were relatively small and the queues were very long. The goodie bags were prepared and given out by the time the event has started so a lot of attendees were left without a T-shirt, and conference passes were really poorly made pieces of paper with no schedule included.

All things being said, we had a great time in Amsterdam, we met some interesting people and learned a few new things. The city itself offers a lot so it’s hard to leave this place without having a good time after all. We believe that React Amsterdam will deliver an even better experience next year. Who knows, we may even see you there in 2020. 👋

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