Working from Home 2: Return of the Blog

Hello from the other sideee! 🎶

You might be wondering what the other side is. Who knows. 🤷‍♀️ It’s metaphorical but can be taken as many things. Like Pythia’s prophecy, it can be read however you wish. It can mean the other side of COVID-19 because Croatia is currently doing OK-ish, it can be from the office since we can (but are not obliged to) once again be distracted by our coworkers, or it can be anything else.

Since our first WFH blog happened, there has been a small update regarding Ars Futura and working from home. We have shifted from remote-friendly to full remote for the summer! 🌊 ⛱ 🍉

Until September 1st, we have the freedom to work from wherever on the globe. We talked to our employees and they told us they feel good working at home and are not less productive. Because COVID-19 seems to be persistent and because a lot of us have southern roots, doing this was a logical step. It’s a small step but it feels right.

Sooo, to celebrate, we thought it might be cute to show where our employees have been working and will be working while remote.

Disclaimer, it would be a blatant lie to say that we did not borrow this idea from a Basecamp blog. Wasn’t Picasso the one who said something about artists copying and stealing? 🙈

Here we go, in alphabetical order.

That's all folks, see you on the seaside soon. 👋

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